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Arab & Jew: The Myth of Ancient Mutual Hatred

Rosenberg Awards Hamad Peacemaker Award

On April 14, Brenda Naomi Rosenberg, President of Pathways to Peace Foundation, presented Imad Hamad, the regional director of the American Arab anti Discrimination committee (ADC), with the Peacemaker Award. In a short statement presented at the award ceremony, Brenda stated: "Imad has done what others say is impossible. He has work[ed] to create understanding and bridge divides during event he more volatile times of conflict between the Jewish and Arab communities. At times being one of the few threads linking the communities. Imad works for the mutual benefits of all communities. He never puts hyphenated labels on people. He sees all people as human beings. Imad continuously speaks out for peace, reconciliation and justice. He has labored tirelessly, at great personal sacrifice, to ensure that not only Arab Americans but all Americans receive the full value of their civil liberties in an environment of peace and under the cloak of brother…