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The ADC/Imad Hamad Saga: Despite Lack of Credibility, Politics of Personal Destruction Wins

The Imad Hamad and the ADC Saga*
The Lack of Credibility of Rashida Tlaib and Rana Abbas

On Rashida Tlaib
Nothing to Smile About: Rashida Tlaib, Sexual Harassment, and ADC
Imagine this.
You feel that you were wronged by an organization. You wait 15 years to come forward with your grievance. You feel that you are wronged and you have waited too long because it is too painful to come forward and you are fearful of the stigma and the reaction you would get from your Arab and Muslim community. But in pursuing what you feel is justice you end up undoing years of the work of well-meaning people who had nothing to do with that perceived wrong.
Normally you would feel torn. It's a serious matter, isn't it?
How do you seek justice while not inflicting injustice?
Many things- but cracking a huge smile to the camera while pursuing your “justice” mission is not one of them.
The smile communicates all the wrong messages: Flippant, careless, having fun when the issues are very serious.
1.The issue…

Longtime ADC Leader Retires Attorney Abdrabboh New Regional Director

Longtime Community leader and ADC regional director Imad Hamad Retires

Palestinian American Attorney Fatina Abdrabboh New ADC Regional Director
A New Chapter for ADC Michigan

Below is The Forum and Link's news item that appeared on November 26, 2013 on the topic of the retirement of Mr. Imad Hamad from ADC.

             Imad Hamad Retires, Abdrabboh Assumes Leadership ofADC Michigan

The Forum and Link newspaper, the staff and the writers, thank Mr. Imad Hamad for 17 years of distinguished service of the American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the community. Throughout these years Mr. Hamad built ADC Michigan, with limited resources and in the face of pushback from other community and parochial organizations, into a formidable presence in Michigan. Under his visionary leadership ADC established the MLK event, the Judges’ Night event, and the internationally known law enforcement- community forum, BRIDGES.
The Forum and Link wishes Mr. Hamad success in all his future endea…

The "Arab American" News: There They Go, Again: The News Incompetence or Duplicity?

Paper’s Headline: Hamad “leaves” and Abdrabboh to “head local chapter”

After months of immense pressure, of a coordinated smear campaign of Imad Hamad and the American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Imad Hamad retired. The ADC appointed attorney Fatina Abdrabboh, a Palestinian American attorney as the new ADC regional director.
The Orchestrated Campaign of Osama Siblani and the “Arab American” News
Many things are still not clear about the agenda and the motivations of the accusers and their supporters. However, to many people, including myself, one thing is crystal clear: The "Arab American" News and its publisher Osama Siblani played a major role in the crusade against Imad Hamad and ADC. From day one Osama Siblani claimed that ADC “dropped the ball on us” and that ADC has a “credibility problem.” See
Rana Abbas and the Ghostwritten Editorial: The Cardinal Sin
The manufactured scand…

Interview with LAU’s Dr. Imad Salamey: The Government and Politics of Lebanon

Interview with LAU’s Dr. Imad Salamey
The Government and Politics of Lebanon*

Interviewed by Ihsan Alkhatib, PhD
Dr. Imad Salamey, a professor at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon has written a textbook on the politics of Lebanon, The Government and Politics of Lebanon. Dr. Salamey is a former resident of the Detroit area. The Forum and Link (F & L) interviewed Dr. Salamey via email regarding his book and the political situation in Lebanon. Below are excerpts.
-F & L: Thank you Dr. Salamey for doing the interview and congratulations on your new book. Tell the reader a little bit about yourself.
Salamey: I am an associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University (LAU), President of the Center for Arab Research and Development (CARD), and Executive Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Conflict, Security and Development (CSDS) at Richmond American International University in London. I received my Ph.D. in …

My Response to Attorney Youmans' Cease and Desist Letter

Below is my response to the “Cease and Desist” Letter of Mr. Youmans. I have added subheadings that were not in the original letter for ease of reading.
Dear Mr. Youmans:
I am writing in response to your Cease and Desist letter sent by email to my work email. Please have all future communication sent to [Personal address and email removed]
And since I have a PhD please address me as Dr. Alkhatib.
On Rana Abbas- Nothing Personal

As you are probably aware, I have nothing personal against your client Rana Abbas. I have known Rana since 2001 and we considered ourselves good friends until this unfortunate ADC crisis. Our relationship took a nosedive due to the Imad Hamad and ADC matter that she was involved with. I admit that in questioning her story, challenging her credibility, her timing and her motivations I have written entries that are unflattering to her that may reasonably cause her to be upset- a result that I sincerely regret and have not intended. It is not my intention to upset anyo…

Within Days: Invasion of my Facebook page, a Harassing Email to my Colleagues and Now a Threat of a Defamation Lawsuit

  Now Comes Warren David's Brother in Law and the Father of Rana Abbas's Friend: Edward Youmans' Threatening "Cease and Desist" Letter and Email
Not Tres Chic from the father of the Iron Sheik

                                 A Divisive Issue of Public Concern
The sexual harassment allegations against Imad Hamad and ADC have engendered division and ill feelings.

It has divided the community and torn apart ties of friendship. By its very nature, the issue is divisive. There is no neutrality when you see that a person and an organization are being accused without direct or circumstantial evidence. You examine the matter closely and you find that there are serious credibility issues as to the accusers of Imad Hamad and ADC.

                                           The Panic of the Accusers
Within the past few days,  I see evidence that my analysis and commentary have hit a raw nerve with the accusers and their supporters.  A few days ago I had my Facebook page i…