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Zionists and Jerusalem: Tactically flexible, strategically inflexible

On Jerusalem: Tactically flexible, strategically inflexible
Jerusalem is in the news. After an assault inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound Sanctuary (al Aqsa), Israel responded with security measures that the Palestinians and Muslims worldwide condemned.  Thousands of Jerusalem Palestinians protested and refused to go through the metal detectors to pray inside the al Aqsa. They prayed outside it. Israel tried to crush their protests but failed. Finally, Israel relented and removed the security cameras and the metal detectors.

Why did Israel place the metal detectors? Why did it place the security cameras? It is incremental takeover of the Compound. The takeover process started with Jews asking for Muslim permission to pray at the Western Wall of al Aqsa. The Ottoman authorities, out of religious tolerance, allowed Jewish pilgrims to pray at the Borak Wall/the Western Wall. During the British Mandate, Zionists tried to expand this foothold at the wall. As a result, they unleashed the six-…