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United States v. Odeh: The 6th Circuit decision and its implications

Ms Rasmea Odeh is a Palestinian American leader and activist who worked for years helping immigrant women in the Chicago area. She has an excellent reputation as a true activist and a true leader dedicated to helping others. After living a normal and peaceful life in the US, she found herself in a legal nightmare.           Ms Odeh’s nightmare began when the US department of Justice charged her with illegally obtaining her citizenship. The government charged that Odeh lied about having a criminal record. Many years ago, Israel had charged her and convicted her of terrorism. The jury found her guilty. She lost her citizenship, the judge imposed a prison sentence and ordered her deported after serving time in prison. Her defense team appealed to the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati.           The Odeh case has mobilized a large number of people and organizations from all kinds of backgrounds. Ms Odeh is a well known and respected activist and leader. There was a sense that her case is a politica…