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Rashida’s world of the banana republic and telephone justice

Rashida’s world of the banana republic and telephone justice
Michigan State representative Rashida Tlaib thinks she is a member of the legislative branch of a banana republic.
Tlaib raised 15- year- old sexual harassment allegations against Imad Hamad, the former regional director of the ADC (American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee) and, along with a motley crew of who’s who of characters with an ax to grind and personal and other agendas and vendettas against ADC and Imad, succeeded in getting ADC to launch an investigation.
In the context of the manufactured crisis, Imad, sure of his innocence and respecting the process and the American system and procedure, offered to step aside while an independent investigation is conducted. ADC and Imad mutually agreed to this temporary stepping aside. ADC did the right thing by hiring a top attorney, a woman, specialized in sexual harassment claims and investigations, to do the investigation. This investigation, needless to say, was held in …

Justice or Vindictiveness: Imad Hamad and Rashida Tlaib's Obsession

The Rashida Tlaib crusade against ADC and its regional director Imad Hamad is ongoing. Tlaib claimed that 15 years ago she was the victim of sexual harassment by Mr. Hamad.

Tlaib is a board member of ACRL- an organization set up by former ADC board member Nabih Ayad.

Michigan State legislator Rashida Tlaib is unethically and shamelessly using her elected position to spearhead a no- holds- barred against Imad. These sensational accusations were made to manufacture a crisis and push for the discharge of a tireless defender of civil rights.

In a recent Free Press article Rashida was quoted as demanding Imad's discharge from ADC. It's despicable that Rashida Tlaib is "demanding" that ADC fire Imad. Our Palestinian American "Thomas Jefferson" wants Imad discharged regardless of the investigation. Tlaib's obsession with Imad and her intent on destroying him and ADC remind me of the headline of a recent article on politicians: Legislators "somewhere b…

On Egypt- Interview with Egyptian Morsi Supporter Mohamed Abaza

“I now realize that it will take a long time for Egypt to practice democracy the way the democratic countries do.”
Mr. Mohamed Abaza is a former colleague of mine. Given the turmoil in Egypt and seeking the viewpoint of an ordinary Egyptian citizen who had experienced life in the United States, the Forum and Link sought Mr. Abaza for an online interview with questions about the situation in Egypt. When reading this interview, keep two things in mind. One, that the interview was done in July-August of 2013 but there was no opportunity to publish it earlier. A lot has happened since not least of which the bloody crackdown on the protesters. But at the core of the crisis the issues are still the same with the heart of the matter being the democracy question. Second, Mr. Abaza identifies himself as a Morsi supporter.

1.What is going on in Egypt today- is it a civil war?
It is not yet a civil war and I personally doubt a civil war can happen in Egypt due to the nature of the Egyptians. Howeve…