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Interview with Community Leader Suehaila Amen

There are a handful of Arab Americans from Dearborn that are well known locally, nationally and internationally. The remarkable Suehaila Amen is one of them. Dearborn is a community where first- generation male immigrants dominate community organizations- this is noticeable at community events and meetings. Suehaila is one of a few women who, strength of character and hard work, have achieved a high profile in this community. The Forum and Link approached Suehaila for an interview. The following are excerpts from this interview.
*Tell me about yourself. Who is Suehaila Amen?
Born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan to Mohsen Amen and Lila Alcodray, I inherited the activism gene from my parents who have served the community for over 30 years through various organizations.The eldest of 4, I have two sisters and a brother.
I am currently employed as the Judicial Executive for the Honorable Mark W. Somers, Judge in the 19th District Court in Dearborn, and was previously employed as an educator…

Moses and Pharoah:The Imam and the megalomaniac

In the aftermath of Libya's settling the Pan Am claims with the families of the victims of the terrorist bombing, Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri asked Libya’s Ghaddafi to account for the disappearance of the Imam and offered a willingness to forgive without getting the billions Libya’s former regime spent to rehabilitate its image in the West. Still the now demised regime refused and only with its demise it is becoming clear that the Imam was killed.
For many years there was hope, against the odds, that the fate of the Lebanese Shia Imam Sadr would be determined- that he was held captive with the possibility of release and return. After all, on the invitation of Ghaddafi himself, Imam Sadr visited Libya and met with Ghaddafi. Ghaddafi claimed that the Imam and his two companions left Libya for Italy. Lebanese and Italians investigations revealed that the Imam and his companions met Ghaddafi and never left Libya.
Some reports indicate that the Imam and his companions were killed r…