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Interview with the Forum and Link regarding the Sixth Circuit Bible Believers' decision

The Bible Believers v. Wayne County et al. decision of the Sixth Circuit Court Questions and Answers with Professor and Attorney Ihsan Alkhatib*
On October 28, 2015, the Sixth Circuit Court decided on the appeal for a re-hearing of Bible Believers v. Wayne County et al. The Court decided for the Bible Believers delivering a decision and an opinion that legal scholars considered a significant development in First Amendment jurisprudence. The Bible Believers is a group of evangelical street preachers who used inflammatory tactics and rhetoric to spread their religious message during the Arab American Festival in 2012. The Forum and Link interviewed Professor Ihsan Alkhatib, assistant professor of Political Science at Murray State University in Kentucky with questions regarding the significance of the decision and its implications.
Forum and Link: What do you think of this decision? Were you surprised? Professor Ihsan Alkhatib: It is a significant First Amendment decision that has been cover…