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Interview with longtime journalist and former Editor Mohamed Ozeir

On ethnic media, the Arab American Journal and the future of Arab Americans

Mr. Mohamed Ozeir is one of the well-known former residents of Dearborn. He was an editor at our sister publication the Arab American News and started his own newspaper, the Arab American Journal, that was published from 1997 until it stopped publishing in 2002. Mr. Ozeir wrote a regular column that was widely read for its insights on Dearborn Arab politics and Lebanese and Arab politics. The Forum and Link approached him for an interview with the hope of documenting an important part of the Arab American history and experience. The following are excerpts from the interview:
*Tell me a little bit about yourself? I am a graduate of the Lebanese university where I studied political science. I have an MA from San Francisco State University and I am working on a PhD at Wayne State University. I had to interrupt my PhD studies for family reasons. I am a journalist by profession. I worked at the Lebanese daily As-Saf…