Shaykh Safar Needs a State to Humiliate the People of Falsehood

The relationship between state and Mosque is one of the hottest topics in the world today.

The Islamists across the board believe in a role for Islam in government though they disagree on the details. But the concept of citizenship and the modern state is absent from at least some of the discourse, if not most of it.

Shaykh Fadel al Safar, a professor of Islamic law in Iraq, wrote a book on the subject entitled the Jurisprudence of government in Islam. He starts the book with a wish and a prayer. The wish is for an Islamic state.

But the prayer--This is not a prayer for the end of hunger, corruption, and torture and death squads -God forbid.

Instead he starts his worthy book by asking God for a State that honors Islam and its followers and humiliates falsehood and its followers…

A state is for all its citizens. Not Mr. Safar's. It’s a state that is used to "humiliate the other." The other is anyone who does not belong to the privileged faith group.

This is one of the reasons why political Islam is troubling to those who value civil rights and equality.

See below the relevant Arabic text and the link.

شبكة النبأ: ورد في دعاء الافتتاح: ( اللهم إنا نرغب اليك في دولة كريمة تعزُّ بها الاسلام وأهله وتذل بها النفاق وأهله، وتجعلنا فيها من الدعاة الى طاعتك والقادة الى سبيلك وترزقنا بها كرامة الدنيا والآخرة).

المؤلف: الشيخ فاضل الصفار
الكتاب: فقه الدولة.. الدولة الإسلامية في المنظور الفقهي
عرض: الباحث حميد جاسم الغرابي


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