Hamas Hypocrisy: Screaming Crusade, Grubbing for "Crusader" Money

Strange is the logic of the radical/militant Islamists of the Hamas variety.

They are too eager to embrace the inventions of the West- the West that they so despise and want to change with their own vision of an ideal society imposed on it. They are so quick to use the Internet and email- all inventions of the "corrupt West" that they want to reform.

Now the militants of Hamas, who day and night promote the bogus clash of civilization thesis, and claim that the West in engaging in a Crusade against Islam, are none but too eager to get their hands on European and American money, that is mainly Christian, money.

This duplicity and the gall is nauseating.

After stealing UNRWA supplies at gunpoint in Gaza, thuggery that UNRWA never experienced before even though the Palestinians ran an alphabet soup of factions of all sorts of ideological persuasion. Now Hamas wants the West to hand it its funds to it to spend as it sees fit- that is to reward its supporters and punish its opponents- taking credit for the funds that "it won to the Palestinian people."

The message of these radicals is this:

We hate and despise your way of life and your democracy and you are engaging in a Crusade against Islam and Muslims- but business is business- give us your money. And no thank you.


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