The 61 Year Zionist Poisonous Tree & Its Fruit of Refugees, Discrimination and Apartheid

In trying to create the state of Israel, the Zionists approached many international powers. They approached the much maligned Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid who soundly rebuffed them despite their offers of support and money that the Ottomans badly needed. The Zionists were also turned away by the German Kaiser who did not as much as offer the atheist Herzl a chance to speak about his project. The Palestinians rejected Zionist colonization all along but many neither believed that the Zionists actually had a shot at achieving a homeland in Palestine nor that they were capable of committing the atrocities, rape and massacres, the Zionist gangs committed in 1948. The Zionist project and the Zionist entity called Israel brought them nothing but death and destruction at a magnitude never foreseen. The fruit of the Zionist poisonous tree include rape and massacres, mass expulsions and millions of refugees, demolished villages, discrimination against the Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship, a system of apartheid in the West Bank and a besieged ghetto in Gaza.

Benny Morris: No Rape, No Murder = No Jewish State in Palestine
No Omelet without Breaking Eggs

In an interview with Haaretz, historian Benny Morris, author of The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, speaks candidly about the war crimes committed by the Zionist gangs against the Palestinian population during the “War of Independence”- a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing using the tools of rape, murder and destruction. His conclusion is that there is no Jewish state without expulsion of Palestinians and no expulsion of Palestinians without war crimes. He states that examining the historical record he found “far more Israeli acts of massacre than I had previously thought. To my surprise, there also many cases of rape. In the months of April-May 1948, units of the Hagannah [the pre-state defense force that was the precursor of the IDF] were given operational orders that stated explicitly that they were to uproot the villagers, expel them and destroy the villages themselves.”

Rape and massacres were used to force the population to flee. Morris states that he found record of dozen cases of rape which he assumes, due to the nature of the crime, that this is “just the tip of the iceberg.” As to massacres, he found record of 24 massacres perpetrated in 1948, “[T]hat can’t be a chance. Apparently various officers, who took part in the Operation, understood that the expulsion order they received permitted them to do these deeds in order to encourage the population to take to the roads. The fact is that no one was punished for these acts of murder.”
Morris agrees with the violent uprooting of the Palestinians without which “a Jewish state would not have arisen here.” “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. You have to dirty your hands.”

Morris faults Ben Gurion for not going far enough, for not ethnically cleansing the whole of Palestine to the Jordan River. He believes that if Ben Gurion did not get “cold feet” and “falter,” the Arabs would have been completely been removed from 1948 Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza. That would have brought a quieter and more stable Jewish state, Morris believes.

MK Jamal Zahalkeh: Lieberman is the True Face of Zionist Racism
Jamal Zahalkeh, a member of the Israeli Knesset and a head of the United Democratic Front spoke on the issue of Israeli racism in Durbin in an eloquent and succinct manner that summarized the history of the conflict. MK Zahalka stated: "The Palestinian people are victims of racist colonialism. Colonialism has to be defeated and not compromised with. Eradicating racism paves the way for a just peace and coexistence between the Arabs and Jews in our homeland.” He added “After the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as foreign minister, the Israeli establishment is unable to cover up its racism. Lieberman is openly a racist and called for the execution of the Arab members of the Knesset. He called for dropping nuclear bombs on Gaza and the Aswan dam…He calls on the Palestinian citizens of Israel to declare loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state, that is to declare loyalty to Zionism as an ideology which means betraying themselves and their people. Lieberman immigrated to our homeland and he calls for us the natives of the homeland to declare loyalty to his racist ideology and he threatens to exile us from our homeland if we do not declare allegiance to his blatant racist ideology.”

Anti-Palestinian Racism and the Manufacture of Israeli Identity

According to MK Zahalkeh Israeli racism is a product of a colonialist project that would not have been possible without the manufacturing of anti- Palestinian racism. “This racism toward Arabs, along with the Hebrew language, and an imagined Jewish common history, was needed to form an Israeli identity. This project needed racism to justify ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Without ethnic cleansing and apartheid it would have been impossible to create a Jewish state in Palestine” he argued.

Benny Morris: Complete Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing, Not at this Moment

Lieberman is portrayed as a lunatic fringe racist, just like Meir Kahane used to be portrayed. However, about 60 % of Jewish citizens of Israel support the transfer of the Arab citizens of Israel. Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is at the core of the Zionist enterprise. Palestine was already populated by another people as the Zionist delegation that visited Palestine reported “the bride is beautiful but she is married to another man.” Benny Morris writes: “If the end of the story turns out to be a gloomy one for the Jews, it will be because Ben Gurion did not complete the transfer in 1948. Because he left a large and volatile demographic reserve in the West Bank and Gaza and within Israel itself. If you are asking me whether I support the transfer and expulsion o the Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza, and perhaps from Galilee and the Triangle, I say not at this oment. I am not willing to be a partner to that act. In the present circumstances it is neither moral nor realistic. The world would not allow it, the Arab world would not allow it, it would destroy the Jewish society from within.”

Their One State vs. Our One State

The Palestinians, led by the PLO, have always called for a democratic one state solution where Jews, Christian and Muslims are equal. What the Zionist/Jewish supremacist enterprise has produced so far is also a one state, a one state where the Palestinians living within the green line are treated as second- class citizens and the enemy within with about 60% of Jewish Israelis wanting them transferred; a system of apartheid in the West Bank; and a besieged ghetto in Gaza. This is the reality that Zionism has inflicted on Palestine so far. It could get worse. The Zionist project is awaiting the right moment to ethnically cleanse all historical Palestine. This is the ultimate goal of the Zionist movement.


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