There she goes again: Rep. Tlaib using her office to advance personal interest?

Public officials carry a public trust.

They are in their position to serve their constituents.

 But that is not how it turns out in many cases.

There is political corruption in almost all the countries in the world. There is political corruption in the United States as well.  But corruption in the United States is very small compared to that in other countries.

One of the reasons for this very small amount of corruption is that the media helps expose it. More importantly, the U.S. government also makes fighting public corruption a top priority.

At any time there are a number of former public officials and former government employees serving time in prison due to having engaged in corruption.

The fear of being exposed by the media for corruption makes many officials not only avoid involvement in corruption but avoid also the appearance of corruption as well.
An example of corruption is using one’s public position for personal interest.

MyFoxDetroit had a news story about Michigan State Rep. Rashida Tlaib protesting a scrap metal business in Detroit. The owner of the business told MyFoxNews Detroit that Rep. Tlaib held a protest in front of his business AFTER he refused to give her a deal on a catalytic converter.

The business owner has text messages and video surveillance footage that he believes prove that the attempt to get a good deal on a catalytic converter preceded the protest against his business.

Is this a clear abuse of Tlaib’s public position?  The owner of the business Joe Fawaz does think so.

The State ethics office should investigate this matter. Perhaps also the US attorney’s office in Detroit should look into this.

Did Rep. Tlaib engage in unethical/illegal behavior?  There are enough facts known to make it a case of at least the appearance of improper behavior by a public official.
Is it public corruption?

Only an investigation would get to the bottom of this.

After all the scandals of corruption that rocked the city of Detroit the people of Detroit need to be assured that those serving them are not abusing their positions for personal benefit.

This is the link to the video:


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