Justice or Vindictiveness: Imad Hamad and Rashida Tlaib's Obsession

Osama Siblani
Nabih Ayad
Rashida Tlaib

Rana Abbas

The Rashida Tlaib crusade against ADC and its regional director Imad Hamad is ongoing. Tlaib claimed that 15 years ago she was the victim of sexual harassment by Mr. Hamad.

Tlaib is a board member of ACRL- an organization set up by former ADC board member Nabih Ayad.

Michigan State legislator Rashida Tlaib is unethically and shamelessly using her elected position to spearhead a no- holds- barred against Imad. These sensational accusations were made to manufacture a crisis and push for the discharge of a tireless defender of civil rights.

In a recent Free Press article Rashida was quoted as demanding Imad's discharge from ADC. It's despicable that Rashida Tlaib is "demanding" that ADC fire Imad. Our Palestinian American "Thomas Jefferson" wants Imad discharged regardless of the investigation. Tlaib's obsession with Imad and her intent on destroying him and ADC remind me of the headline of a recent article on politicians: Legislators "somewhere below cockroaches, traffic jams, and Nickelback in Americans' esteem."

Anti-Muslim bigot Debbie Schlussel has tried for years to destroy Imad Hamad. She failed. Now Rashida Tlaib has picked up the effort from Schlussel.

ADC should not allow Tlaib to be able to achieve what Schlussel failed to achieve.

Link to the Free Press article:


Imad Hamad


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