The Forum and Link of Michigan Honors Veteran Community Activist and Leader Imad Hamad

Mr. Imad Hamad in the middle to his left is the former US attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan and former judge Honorable Jeff Collins

The Forum and Link of Michigan Honors Veteran Community Activist and Leader Imad Hamad
The Legend of Imad Hamad: Decades of Service

Imad Hamad is a legend.  It is not possible to meet anyone who is active in the Arab- American community or is connected to the Arab- American community who does not know Imad Hamad, the former Michigan director of the American Arab anti- Discrimination Committee. For decades Imad Hamad was a fixture at events, conferences and in the media. Over the years he helped so many people that it is not possible to meet anyone in Dearborn who does not know of someone who was helped by Imad. He helped individuals in need, Arab- Americans suffering from discrimination, reporters working on stories, scholars writing books, etc. This is Imad Hamad the legend.

The Forum and Link Honors Imad

The Forum and Link is a Michigan community newspaper that is published by Dr. Asad Dandashli, a tireless man who considers journalism a sacred mission, in the secular sense of the sacred, and not a business enterprise. During the banquet for the tenth anniversary of the Forum and Link, Dr. Dandashli honored Imad Hamad. The award read:

Dr. Assad Aldandachli
Editor in chief
Mr. Imad Hamad

For many years of selfless service of the Arab- American community- It is not possible to compile an exhaustive list of the achievements of Mr. Hamad in almost two decades.  This list includes starting enduring programs, helping individuals and creating a vision of a better community. The brightest light of his achievements remains the founding of BRIDGES, the law enforcement- community forum, which serves as a national and international model of community-law enforcement relations.

Congratulations Mr. Hamad. Well deserved.

The Forum and Link banquet coverage of the banquet can be accessed at


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