On Arafat- Elias Choufani, his daughter and her poetic license

Arafat addresses the UN General Assembly, Geneva 1988

Arafat with his men in 1982

Arafat at the UN in  1974

Arafat under siege in his compound in Ramallah

PLO leader Yasser ‪#‎Arafat‬ was a leader of a revolution who received in 1974 a standing ovation at the General Assembly. He led his men, on the ground, in 1982 under extraordinary circumstances with the PLO and allies vastly out-manned and outgunned. In 1988, because the US denied Arafat a visa, the UN General Assembly took the extraordinary measure of moving its meeting from NYC to Geneva so that he could address it.

‪#‎EliasChoufani‬, whose daughter made a "poetic piece" where he attacks Arafat, is a mere paper pusher- with strong 'tude. A chickenhawk who never saw any military action.
Of course the enemies of the Palestinian people will focus on the paper pusher, his daughter and her poetic work- and will use his "poetic words" to attack Arafat's legacy.
Choufani's poetic license deserves a less than poetic response.


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