Israel's Propagandists Lies About the Al Arabiya TV Reporter

The first causality of war is truth.

There is a video of a Palestinian reporter for Al Arabiya TV, Hanan Al Masri, speaking on the phone and wondering about the strong noise that sounds as if a rocket is being fired from under the building.

Israel's shameless propagandists such as Debbie Schlussel flatly lie - Schlussel claims 'VIDEO: "Impartial" Al-Arabiya Reporter Laughs About HAMAS Missile Being Launched from Her Building'

As a native speaker of Arabic I understood what she said.

The Al Arabiya reporter stated:
"As if from under the building"
"It's noise is so strong."
"Are they [Hamas] launching rockets from under the building office!!!

The reporter seems shocked that Hamas would do such a thing. This is in fact evidence that the Palestinians were not firing from near civilian targets. If Hamas habitually fired from near civilian locations, then the reporter would not seem shocked they are firing from nearby her building.

The reporter is thinking aloud. She is not a specialist in warfare. She clearly states the noise is so strong as if a rocket is fired form under the building. She did not say that a rocket is launched from her building.


peaceheretic said…
I have to disagree with your assesment of the video. You say Hassan looks surprised which you contrive to take as proof that Hamas would never do such a thing.

This haughty heretic has to tell you that she looks more pleased than surprised, particularly towards the end of the video you link to. It is proof enough for me (and I suspect many more) that if, when the building was later shelled by the IDF, Al-Arabiya joined other television networks using the building IN DENYING THAT HAMAS ROCKETS HAD BEEN LAUNCHED FROM ANYWHERE NEARBY, that Al-Arabiya was indulging in knee-jerk-denial of the truth.

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