An Open Letter to the Lebanese Left

In response to the Israeli attack on Gaza, throngs of Lebanese leftists tried to reach the US embassy in Okar to express solidarity with Gaza and to express outrage at US support for Israel.

These young men and women were very driven. Despite the Lebanese army measures, they persisted in trying to reach the embassy.

It's nice to have good feelings for the Palestinians. In Gaza.

The energy of these protesters in their Jeans , t -shirts and Keffiyashs is refreshing in the age of homogenization and greed.

It is always good to feel for the downtrodden.


How about those Palestinians in Lebanon denied of so many of the basic human rights?

Instead of driving to Okar in their buses, these budding revolutionaries should have driven South to the Palestinian camps to see how their beloved Palestinians are living. Those refugees are Palestinians too but don't have the distinction of being bombed ruthlessly by Israel- for the moment.

Did the left hold any events to pressure the Lebanese sectarian system to budge on the issue?

Did they hold any sit ins saying enough with this scandal?

The Swisss citizen of Lebanese origin, Suha Bishara, has wondered why there is no effort made by the left to ameliorate the situation of the Palestinians in Lebanon.

Do the Palestinians have to be killing Israelis or being killed by Israelis so that they get solidarity from the enlightened Lebanese left?

And finally- A note from the United States to the Lebanese left:

Our Palestinians are doing well, how are your Palestinians doing?


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