ADC advisory resignations, transparency and credibility: The Case of Rana Abbas

Imad Hamad

Rana Abbas

ADC resignations, transparency and credibility: The Case of Rana Abbas

A number of people associated with ADC (American Arab anti Discrimination Committee) in advisory board capacity in Detroit have submitted their resignation over the sexual harassment investigation involving Imad Hamad, Rashida Tlaib and Rana Abbas.  This development has been deemed by Arab ethnic beat reporter Niraj Warikoo as news fit to print. On the bright side if this is "the news" in the Detroit Arab community then there is pretty much nothing happening there worth reporting on- which is definitely not the case. 
But why look for real news if there is the easy out news of passable notice. 

The excuse given by the quitters is “lack of transparency.”

Some of them have claimed that they want ADC to make the investigation report public.
ADC does not have to release an internal report. More likely than not those who agreed to be interviewed do not want their names and pictures in the media.
 But that's not the end of the world as those who resigned claim it is.
There is a lot of already public information that can help with the transparency issue.

Sexual harassment claims, when there are no witnesses, are he said-she said issues. Since there are not third party witnesses it’s the word of one over the word of another.

If there is lack of credibility, if there are lies or exaggerations, then the harassment claim is dead.

Take Rana Abbas for example.

Rana Abbas claimed that she complained to ADC, ADC did nothing and that she left ADC basically disgusted with how a civil rights association would treat women like that.

 Here are quotes from Niraj Warikoo’s interview with Abbas:

Abbas, who was well-known for her outspoken defense of the rights of Arab-Americans in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, said that when ADC failed to deal with Hamad, “that was when any belief or commitment I had to the organization completely disintegrated.”

Here is the press release that Rana Abbas herself drafted [got to admit she is a good writer] regarding her years with ADC and relationship with Imad:

 ADC-MI Bids Farewell to Deputy Director Rana Abbas

More News...

 ADC Michigan extends its farewell and best wishes to Deputy Director Rana Abbas, who will leave the organization on January 14, 2008 to co-head Global Linguistic Solutions (GLS) in Michigan. GLS is a joint venture between DynCorp International (DI) and McNeil Technologies (McNeil) that aims to bring extensive experience in the deployment and sustainment of large scale operations and the management of linguist contracts supporting the US government.

 Rana has devoted 8 years of service to the ADC. She has represented ADC Michigan on a local, national and international level in numerous settings and conferences that have focused on issues that concern and affect Arab Americans. Throughout her tenure with the organization, Rana has been instrumental in helping the ADC Michigan Office grow into the largest and most successful satellite office for the organization. In addition, as a founding member of AWARE (Arab American Women Advocating for Resources and Empowerment), and through her instrumental work with this women's initiative, she was appointed by Governor Jennifer Granholm to the State of Michigan Women’s Commission in 2006.

“I have been a proud staff member of the ADC for many years now,” states Rana Abbas. “This organization has fostered my personal and professional growth as much as I have played a part in its growth over the years. My entire professional career has been dedicated to the mission of ADC and the difference that we are making in this world on a daily basis. I have been honored to work alongside ADC’s respected leaders, particularly Imad Hamad, during this time, and to have had opportunities that others could only dream of. ADC is, and always will be, a very significant part of who I am.”

"Rana's departure from ADC is bittersweet." states Imad Hamad. "I have watched her grow from a young intern and develop into her role as Deputy Director." Although we will truly miss having Rana at ADC Michigan, she will now embark on a new journey in her career and will serve as a great asset to GLS."

You want transparency. Here is your transparency.
You be the judge.


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