Niraj Warikoo- Where is the Arab American Community in the ADC story?

Niraj Warikoo

In a Free Press article, Niraj Warikoo follows up on the issue of the ADC investigation. It seems there was a mix up as to what the outside attorney was hired to do. One thing we know is that she was charged with the investigation. It seems she was not asked to give a conclusion. Fair enough. ADC is saying its board made the decision.

Given the nature of the crusade and the vested interests in it by the Osama Dearborn gang, the crusaders would find a way to keep pushing the issue.

Let's not forget that from day one Osama Siblani said thar ADC "dropped the ball on us" and that ADC has a "credibility" issue. 

This is rich- coming from, of all people, Osama Siblani (more on Siblani in future entries).

ADC could have hired Jesus Christ and Moses to do the investigation and this would not have been enough to satisfy the accusers and attackers who have their own agenda that is far removed from women's rights, due process and justice. For one, the anti ADC/anti Imad Hamad crusaders are associated with an organization, the ACRL, that is trying to displace ADC and inherit its role in the Detroit area. Rashida Tllaib made her sensational allegations only a few months after serving on ACRL's board. There is also the issue of Tlaib campaign donations that should be looked into. As to Rashida's # 2 sidekick Rana Abbas, Abbas is a former executive director of ACRL and now works for ACRL chair's buddy Osama Siblani. All those who resigned from the advisory board are associated with Osama Siblani the publisher of the "Arab American" News which is leading the crusade against Imad and ADC. What is going on can also be explained as Dearborn Arab politics with an unhealthy dose of Middle Eastern national rivalries and sectarianism.

You read the coverage of the events and you ask yourself:
Where are the Yemenis. the Syrians,the Iraqis, the Chaldeans, the Christians, the Sunnis in this story? Other than the Palestinian moustache and public face of the scam Rashida Tlaib.

Why isn’t Warikoo asking that question?


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