Let’s talk about AAPAC and Osama Siblani’s idea of the “Arab American” community.

Interesting idea of Arab American unity-Osama style

Osama Siblani

Let’s talk about AAPAC and Osama Siblani’s idea of the “Arab American” community.

This is their mission as posted on their website:

 AAPAC was formed by a group of Arab American professionals to organize and encourage the political activities of Arab Americans. AAPAC is non-partisan and independent from any other existing organization or interest group. Our primary concern is the Arab American Community as a whole regardless of the personal interests of any individual or group of individuals.

This is the current leadership of AAPAC:
President: Mariam Saad Bazzi, Esq.
Vice President - Internal: Ali Hammoud, Esq.
Vice President - External: Zenna Elhasan, Esq.
Treasurer: Osama Siblani
Secretary: Mona Fadlallah, Esq.

Ask yourself, are these individuals, with due respect to each of them, representative of the Arab American community and why not?
How many are Yemenis? 0
How many are Iraqi? 0
How many are Palestinians? 0
How many are Chaldeans? O
How many are Christian? 0
How many are Sunnis? 0
How many are North Africans? 0
How many are Egyptians? 0

They are endorsing candidates in the name of the “Arab American community.” Is that honest?

The de facto president of AAPAC Osama Siblani should have the answer to that.

Osama Siblani


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