Osama's World: AAPAC's President is the "Community" of One Person

Osama Siblani

Let’s talk about Osama Siblani’s Arab American “Community”

The Arab American Community of Greater Detroit? Who is it that community? As defined by Osama Siblani and his paper.

We get some insights from Osama's paper of today.
I turn now to the coverage of the defamatory campaign against ADC, the American Arab anti Discrimination Committee, by Osama’s “Arab American” News.
The News which came out today 10/4/2013 has a story on the ADC investigation. A subheading of the story reads “ADC investigation, community reaction.”

This is reporting on the "community reaction."  I am eager to hear from the Yemenis, the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Tunisians, the Christians, the Muslims, the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Christians, etc.

I am setting myself for a disappointment.

 Who is the community in Osama’s world?

“The community” is the President of Osama’s AAPAC, the Arab American Political Action Committee, where Osama is the de facto president and Mariam Bazzi is the official president.

Here is the excerpt:

‘The ADC Michigan office experienced some setbacks this month, after a few advisory board members announced their resignations, claiming that there has been a lack of transparency with the national office. The annual Judges Night Gala that the group hosts has also been postponed.

Attorney Mariam Bazzi, the latest ADC-MI Advisory Board member to resign, submitted her resignation following the national organization's decision last Friday.

"There was a lack of transparency in the investigation," she told The Arab American News.

She added that her resignation is not against the principles of ADC, but rather a statement against the way the national office handled the investigation.

"I want to emphasize that I still respect members of the local board and believe in the objectives and mission of ADC, but I urge the national office to reflect on what happened and continue doing what they were founded to do, which is to protect the civil rights of all people," she said.

The former ADC-MI board member stressed that sexual harassment is not an Arab American issue, but a universal issue that needs to be addressed in all cultures.’

 This is the “community reaction”?

We know that over the years Osama has appointed himself as a spokesman for the community and made some fiery and controversial statements that made many in the Arab American community, a community that includes Arabs of all religions, sects and nationalities, angry and disgusted, protesting that Osama has no right to speak in their name.

Now Osama et al not only claim to speak for the community. AAPAC's Mariam Bazzi is the community.

This is not a criticism of  Mariam Bazzi. This is about Osama and his paper's handling of the ADC issue and the community matters.

Louis XIV of France famously said L'etat c'est moi
The News is making one  Arab individual say La communuante' c'est moi.


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