Facebook Rashida is a role model?

Rashida Tlaib

Someone who wants to play nice with Michigan House member Rashida Tlaib called her a "role model."


I don’t think so.

How is she a role model?

There are many reasons to question the wisdom of  this generous assessment for Rashida- one of them is personal to me.

When I wrote an entry with a critique of  the “open letter” she issued with her stale accusations and with not enough facts to make a prima facie case of harassment against ADC and Imad Hamad she responded by a personal jab directed at me- on Facebook.

Rashida Tlaib and I used to be Facebook friends. I have no personal issues with Rashida whatsoever. In fact I was a supporter of Rashida and a donor to her political campaign.
She responded to my blog entry with a Facebook status update that she later deleted after having second thoughts.

She wrote: Ihsan Alkhatib if you see me don’t play with my hair or make remarks about my breasts.

I am not kidding.

This is the role model? This is how you respond to legitimate legal commentary?

 I wonder.
Rashida Tlaib


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