Verbal Thuggery: Fatima Ahmed and Omar Baddar Invade My Facebook Page

"Fatima Ahmed lol, trying to find one that doesn't look crazy"

Harassment and Thuggery: The anti-ADC Crowd Turn their Hate on Me

I have written about the Rashida Tlaib/Rana Abbas accusations of  Imad Hamad/ADC  since the story broke out. As a result, some people got upset with me. How dare I not take the accusations at face value or at least stay away from the issue?


I experienced the thuggery of the anti- ADC mob on my Facebook page by uninvited thugs: Omar Baddar and Fatima Ahmed.

There is overlap of connections on Facebook and as a result Fatima Ahmed and Omar Baddar were able to comment on a story I posted on my Facebook page. One of my childhood friends asked me a question on my Facebook page, I responded on my Facebook page about the issue and out of nowhere two anti- ADC thugs invaded my page and engaged in verbal thuggery directed against me on my own wall violating all norms of self respect and decency. See for yourself those crusaders for "justice":

Fatima Ahmed • Friends with Nabil Mohamad and 7 others

unbelievable. guys like you foster environments in which women continue to be harassed. please do tell us the script for how a "real victim" should behave in your world. Actually, don't, I've read enough garbage for one day. this is pathetic.

5 minutes ago • Like

Ihsan Alkhatib Hey Fatima Ahmed have some sense and respect for yourself. You are on my wall.

4 minutes ago • Edited • Like

Fatima Ahmed • Friends with Nabil Mohamad and 7 others

lol, is this how you always talk to women? I see some personal issues that you are projecting. Good luck in your war on women.

3 minutes ago • Like

Omar Baddar • Friends with Zaha Hassan and 21 others

Fatima, I think he's on to something. It's really demeaning to us to even engage a person like him, so let's respect ourselves & move on.

about a minute ago • Like • 2

Ihsan Alkhatib You are on my wall calling what I say garbage and you think this is ok? I need to talk to your parents.

about a minute ago • Like

Omar Baddar • Friends with Zaha Hassan and 21 others

P.s. He's on ADC's national advisory board (they know how to pick'em, don't they?)

about a minute ago • Like • 1

Fatima Ahmed • Friends with Nabil Mohamad and 7 others

lol, that explains it all.

a few seconds ago • Like


I could have easily gone to their level and attacked them personally. Instead, I am replicating the verbal invasion here to show what kind of human beings are attacking ADC and Imad Hamad- and me.





Anonymous said…
Fatima Ahmad commented on Google: "Great picture of me, thanks Ihsan! Never been accused of "verbal thuggery". I think I like it though. Have a great day!"
Anonymous said…
You should really learn how to spell my last name :)

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