All Smiles- In the Picture: Rana Abbas’s Head, Imad Hamad’s Hat

Rana Abbas and Imad's hat

All Smiles- In the Picture: Rana Abbas’s Head, Imad Hamad’s Hat


I have written a blog entry questioning the broad smile to the camera of alleged victim Rashida Tlaib. Rashida was protesting ADC’s event at DC while cracking the biggest of smiles. The picture brought some thoughts to my mind that I shared with a blog entry. See


As a result of that blog entry I got all kinds of personal attacks from the friends of the accusers and a who’s who of fellow travelers and ADC haters.


But- there is more.


All this commentary is about raising reasonable questions about the motivations of Rashida and Rana in orchestrating the anti- Imad Hamad and anti ADC campaign.

 15 years after the alleged events.
8 years after the alleged events.

Why now? This is the question almost everyone is asking.

If these women were hurt and are angry about their alleged victimization, there is no direct evidence or circumstantial evidence of that- then credibility is an issue.


How many know that Rashida Tlaib herself was thrown a fundraiser by ADC staff in Washington, DC less than three years ago-  12 years after the alleged sexual harassment that allegedly occurred.


As to Rana- she wrote this lovely thank you note to ADC and to Imad “particularly”- her words. She left for a better paying job at a government contractor who sent Arabic linguists to Iraq.


After she allegedly left with all these ill feelings she engaged in behavior inconsistent with someone who felt betrayed by ADC.

She herself wrote her farewell letter saying great things about Imad and ADC

She bought a booth for her employer at the ADC national banquet and she herself attended the ADC national banquets.

She frequently visited ADC national office and socialized with the staff.

During the banquets she socialized with ADC staff and went to the social mixers.

One can claim that all the above does not mean that Rana was not hurt and harassed by Imad.


That’s fine.

I am only raising questions that make one reasonably wonder.

I am not contesting that reasonable minds could differ.

But- there is more.

Less than two years ago there was an event- Siham Jaafar’s Images and Perceptions workshop- where Rana encountered  the “monster” Imad Hamad.

Did she avoid him?

Did she run away from him?

No and No.


She wore his hat and smiled to the camera.

The motivations and the timing look more suspicious than ever.

Feel free to disagree.


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