The Dearborn City Council Elections: Susan Dabaja for Dearborn

Susan Dabaja

The Dearborn City Council Elections:  Susan Dabaja for Dearborn

A Candidate with the Best of Two Worlds- Fully Arab, Fully American

I am a former resident of Dearborn. I can’t vote in the city council elections this Tuesday.

But if I were to vote- If I could only vote for one person in this city election, it would be Susan Dabaja.

And not because she is Arab American, a Lebanese, a Muslim and a woman. These are all extras.

Susan Dabaja is a lawyer. Lawyers have an unfortunate and undeserved negative reputation. However, Susan Dabaja is a lawyer with an excellent reputation. She has a reputation for being highly competent, fair and pleasant.

Susan reminds me of the title of one of the annual banquets of the American-Arab anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) banquets- the banquet was entitled “fully American, fully Arab.”

Fully American and fully Arab describes Susan Dabaja. The work ethic, the family values, honesty, and integrity.

Susan Dabaja’s focus is on her work, family and local issues. She is not involved in international political issues that are by their very nature divisive. She is 100% focused on issues that affect the lives of the residents of Dearborn.

Why is Susan Dabaja a great candidate for city council?

She is sharp [graduated first in her class at Detroit Mercy Law], honorable and honest, focused on her work, her family and her city. This kind of combination makes for a great council member.

She is also a great role model.

 Local elections have low turnout- about 20%. The presence of Susan Dabaja on the ballot should excite all residents of Dearborn who want the best people on the council. Susan Dabaja is not the only Arab American candidate on the ballot. She is not “the Arab American” candidate on the ballot. She is a candidate whom Americans of all backgrounds can see as a great candidate for a seat on the city council. But as to Arab Americans, in voting for Dabaja we are voting for a great female role model for the Arab youths, especially the girls and the young women.

It is hoped her presence on the ballot increases the turnout in Dearborn, especially among Arab Americans whose turnout has not been on par with their demographic weight.

Dabaja for Dearborn.




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