Rashida Tlaib's Flippant Protest of ADC

The precious smile of a "victim"

Nothing to Smile About: Rashida Tlaib, Sexual Harassment, and ADC


 Imagine this.

You feel that you were wronged by an organization. You wait 15 years to come forward with your grievance. You feel that you are wronged and you have waited too long because it is too painful to come forward and you are fearful of the stigma and the reaction you would get from your Arab and Muslim community. But in pursuing what you feel is justice you end up undoing years of the work of well-meaning people who had nothing to do with that perceived wrong.
Normally you would feel torn. It's a serious matter, isn't it?
How do you seek justice while not inflicting injustice?

Many things- but cracking a huge smile to the camera while pursuing your “justice” mission is not one of them.
The smile communicates all the wrong messages: Flippant, careless, having fun when the issues are very serious.

1.      The issue is sexual harassment. Nothing to smile about.

2.      The issue is the premier Arab American civil rights national organization that represents all Arab Americans.
3. The reputation and future of Imad Hamad and the feelings of his children.

I have said from the beginning that there is something wrong with the ADC/Imad Hamad story.
Credibility is a big factor in sexual harassment cases which boil down in many instances to he said –she said stories.
It was not adding up.

What many kept saying was that Rashida is a "credible" person- because of her elected position.

Simply put Rashida Tlaib keeps giving reasons for questioning her claim.

You can add the smiley flippant “protest” to the list.



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