Let’s talk about Deanne Olive

Advertising "exec" Deanne Olive

Osama Siblani

The Arab American News’s Deanne Olive: Osama Siblani and Rana Abbas’s Minion


Let’s talk about Deanne Olive


Osama Siblani the publisher of the “Arab American” News and his sidekick former ADC employee Rana Abbas are behind the ongoing crusade against the ADC, the American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee.


Rana Abbas is using the contacts she made during the years of her work at ADC  to tarnish the organization that fed her for 8 full years.

Talk about loyalty.

What a precious former employee!

Osama Siblani is using his so-called newspaper to continue with a crusade against ADC. [There is more on Siblani in coming entries]

There is a Dearborn Community Facebook page, Dearborn Area Community Members, that is run by Arab American attorney Majed Moughni. The page has 6968 likes and 3124 "talking about this." Osama's paper which has been around more than 20 years and claims to speak in the name of the Arab American community has the "astronomical" likes' figure of 837 and 57 "talking about this"- That is a whole Eight hundred thirty seven likes! Nice number for a "community institution."

[ Note to those who want to reach the Arab American community in Detroit- post it on the Dearborn Area Community Members page- that's were the readers are. The man you want to talk to is Majed Moughni and not Osama Siblani]

Osama and Rana have recruited Deanne Olive as their minion to post anti- ADC material on the Dearborn Facebook page.

This is further “proof” that as the Rana Abbas ghost- written editorial claimed- the  paper is reporting the news not IN FACT manufacturing the news.

Yeah right.



One wonders.

Recently Olive posted an anti ADC link on the Dearborn page.

Deanne Olive, Osama Siblani's employee and anti-ADC crusade leader Rana Abbas's co- worker at the "Arab American" News, when were you a member of ADC or a donor of ADC?


How about we start a petition to support Arab Americans who speak out against the fraudulent use of "Arab American" in a newspaper name and against those who claim "objectivity" and "transparency" when they are light years away from objectivity and transparency.


Deanne Olive-Tell your employer Osama Siblani and his junior sidekick Rana Abbas that no matter what the noise they make ADC will remain the premier Arab American organization and Osama's paper a parochial Dearborn/Dearborn Heights publication.




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