Christian Science Monitor Letter- October 17, 2007

Skepticism about the Muslim Brotherhood's program
In response to Mohamed Elmenshawy's Oct. 12 Opinion piece, "The Muslim Brotherhood shows its true colors": I strongly agree with Mr. Elmenshawy.
The Muslim Brotherhood's current political program will give Egypt an authoritarian, illiberal, failed political system that does not allow for dissent or strong minority protection and inclusion.
It is partly correct to call violent Islamists "Islamofascists," because radical Islamism has many of the features of long-discredited authoritarian and repressive regimes of years past – left-wing, as well as right-wing repressive regimes.
Sadly, if the Brotherhood were in power, it would also have a monopoly on violence to impose an illiberal and outdated value system on the populace.
More important, the Brotherhood would not even deliver good government. Its ideology does not have well-developed operational principles of checks and balances.
What the Brotherhood promises Egypt is not only illiberal government, but bad government, as well.


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