The Ship and the General: USS Cole and Aoun

Michele Aoun, Hizbullah’s fig leaf in Lebanon, is not concerned.
He is going to be the last person to hide in a hole in the ground from the USS Cole or from USS Nassau.
This claim is typical Aoun.
Yeah- given his “decorated” history of standing up to military assault, this is so real.
I recall seeing this man on Lebanese Broadcasting Station (LBC) screaming that he, in his declared war on Syria, is going to be the last person to leave Lebanon. After the Syrians attacked, it was a matter of minutes that he ran to the French embassy. Despite all that and after years of exile he returns to Lebanon and is able to gather orange supporters!
He left his men on the ground with no idea that their general has changed his mind about being the last person out. Many were left to be summarily shot and buried in unmarked graves.
And- oddly for an Arab man, he left his wife and daughters to fend for themselves. Only the intervention of the late Elie Hobeikeh, saved them from a sure humiliation and abuse by the invading Syrian soldiers.
One thing though remains a mystery- why are Aoun and his group not classified yet as supporters of terror by the US government. My understanding of the law is that under our current anti- terrorism laws, he and his orange group are perfect candidates for anti terror measures.
But I guess it’s a timing issue. Hope this timing arrives soon.


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