Schlussel and the Hate Sewer

Funny- but some people don’t get it.
In my experience, if someone is bigoted against one minority group, the odds are that he/she is bigoted against other groups as well. Therefore, fighting all hate targeting human beings for who they are, not their actions, is the best strategy.
Debbie Schlussel does not seem to get this lesson. On February 28, 2008, she writes in “Why I dislike Pat Condell: Stop sending me ignorant, anti-Israel Englishman’s anti-Islam videos": she writes:
"Many readers over the last couple of years have been sending me videos of Englishman Pat Condell. Please stop. I have never posted Mr. Condell's work on Islam, which you'd think I agree with. I do. But here's why I won't glorify the work of Condell by posting it to my readers: Pat Condell is no more than a more affable version of Christopher Hitchens. Like Hitchens, he hates all religions and sees them as morally equivalent to Islam. He's said exactly that. And, more important, Condell is anti-Israel, virulently so. He's among the many anti-Semites who claim they "love the Jews" but want Jews out of Israel. Americans fall in love with anyone with an English accent, no matter how backward his information is, and Pat Condell is Exhibit A of that. His sophistries about Jews, Israel, and Jerusalem are telling in their ignorance."

By promoting hate of Arabs and Muslims she is helping feed the sewer of hate. The hate of Jews is part of the sewer of hate she feeds.


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