Walid Jumblatt: Their Attacks Only Make You Greater

Of all politicians in Lebanon, no one gets the Syro-Iranian axis and their collaborators more riled up than Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt. That by itself is a victory for the outgunned and out spent courageous leader.
Even here in Dearborn, an Arab -American newspaper, sadly infected by the unfortunate realities in the Arab world ( an Arab- American newspaper whose Arabic section has a few voices that echo the Syro-Iranian axis and occasionally spread sectarian venom- playing on and reinforcing a ghetto mentality), consistently opened its Arabic -section pages to attacks on Mr. Jumblatt in the most vile and vicious manner. I am disappointed with Mr. Siblani for allowing this to happen.
But these attacks- given Jumblatt's stands- What an honor for Mr. Jumblatt!
Jumblatt- that witty man with the pithy juicy statements that should adorn Lebanese Hallmark cards.
No one says it as it is, in memorable language that has the punching weight of a Mohammad Ali, than Walid Jumblatt.
He spoke out early about Iranian hegemonic designs . He warned. Few listened. For that, an avalanche of sectarian hate waited for him.
He remained loyal to his slain friend and political ally- the late statesman Rafic Hariri. He eulogized him in most moving and poetic speeches that should become classic Arabic rhetorical texts.
On one of my trips to the Middle East about two years ago I sat next to a pro-Syro-Iranian axis man. He was a hair stylist. Politics came up and he said it’s Walid Jumblatt and no one else that is the threat to the Syro-Iranian axis. His rhetorical volleys scare the heck out of the Syro-Iranians and mock them in their inflated sense of self, day in and day out.
They accuse him of so much. And with every accusation he becomes a bigger man.
He remains a true inspiration by his courage and his principles.
May God protect him.


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