Schlusseloid Check- On Dearborn and Siblani

Hate Watch: Debbie Schlussel Update

I will be writing regularly in response to Debbie Schlussel’s blog. Many in the community think she is a vile hater of Muslims. Unfortunately, some good members of our community, reacting emotionally, sent her improper e-mails, even arguably hateful emails or threats. The reason for the anger she generates is that she spreads misinformation about Arabs and Muslims and this misinformation is taken by some who are not knowledgeable as fact.
Debbie Schlussel has benefit of the first amendment, just like anyone else. I don’t think there is an “abuse” of the first amendment. All speech deserves protection, including her hate speech, and the answer for such speech is more speech. Her lies/misrepresentations, I call them Schlusseloids, and I will be responding to them by facts and reasonable argument.
So here we go:
On February 28, 2008 she wrote in “Wimpitude? FBI Hints Around, but PC-Gags Itself on Hezbo Cells in US” She writes:
Schlusseloid: We all know there are Hezbollah terrorist cells in America. Or you should know if you don't. I can even tell you the restaurants in Dearbornistan where they meet and organize. And I can tell you the names of some of the terrorist groups' agents here in America
Fact: Dearborn has a large number of individuals that admire the fact that Hizbullah helped evict the Israelis from South Lebanon. In fact, many of them had no way of visiting their villages had it not for Israel being forced out after a long guerrilla war. It’s true that the Hizbullah is accused by the US government of committing terrorist attacks. However, the overwhelming majority of those who admire Hizbullah's achievement, if not all of them, are patriotic Americans who love the US, their home. Regardless, this admiration of the achievement of removing the Israelis is perfectly legal- not a crime in any way shape or form.
Schlusseloid:….After the report came out, there immediately erupted the predictable, on-cue histrionics and conniptions of prominent Detroit Muslims like Osama Siblani--publisher of the Arab American News and one of Hezbollah's top American operatives. Then, the Michigan State Police apologized and recanted its factual report.

Fact: Mr. Siblani is the publisher of an Arab American paper and a community activist for many years. There is zero evidence that he is “associated” with Hizbullah, let alone his being a "top operative." This wild accusation is meant to frustrate his incessant quest to defend the constitutional rights of Arab and Muslim Americans. Those who know him, and I do, know better than that- and know that he is a patriotic honorable American. If he admires the group for standing up to Israel and evicting Israel out of Lebanon, that’s his right. And if he does, it does not make him associated with the group, let alone being a “top operative.” Just like Schlussel’s admiration of Vladimir Jabotinsky does not make her a terrorist in the legal sense.


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