The Damascus Summit:

The Syrian government refused to air Mr. Saniora’s speech to the attendees of this year’s low –profile Arab Summit.
This is a mistake reminiscent of the refusal of the Syrian-imposed President of Lebanon, Emile Lahoud, of airing the address of PA President Yasser Arafat. At the time Mr. Arafat was imprisoned in Ramallah by Israeli troops. Similarly, Mr. Saniora is surrounded by Syria’s allies who wish him the same end that Israel imposed on PA President Arafat. External pressures stopped Israel from storming Arafat’s compound and arresting or killing him. Saniora is surrounded too- surrounded by [tents donated for humanitarian reasons now used for political reasons] the Syro-Iranian axis groups. They would storm the Ministerial compound had it not been for serious external and internal pressures.
One of the things that Lebanon and Palestine have in common is the fact that the Syrian regime thinks of them as lowly spheres of influence that should have the independence of a mukhtar/mayor of a small village in the Syrian region of Houran. That is no independence whatsoever.
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan stood up for Lebanon by their leaders’ refusal to sit at the same table with those that have colluded to paralyze Lebanese political life-by having its Parliament closed and keeping the position of President of the Republic vacant.


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