Jordan's Islamic Front False Witness on Lebanon

There is a joke about the mental patient who goes to the psychiatrist for help. The patient can’t stop thinking of sex. Everything is sex to him. So the doctor starts showing him pictures and asking him what does he associates the pictures with. The patient answers” sex” for everything. The doctor is frustrated and ask the patient how is it that all his answers are about sex. The patient responds: “it’s not my fault; you are the one showing me all the dirty pictures.” [ I heard this joke from the character of Bob in the classic comedy What About Bob].
When it comes to Lebanon, Jordan’s Islamic Action Front is the mental patient and the unhealthy obsession is the US.
The King of Jordan has made crystal clear statements about Lebanon, supporting the international tribunal and the government of PM Fouad Saniora. Jordan’s Islamists go out of their way to disagree for "ideological purity."
The Islamic Action Front, as to Lebanon, in a press release asked the Arab Summit to:
“…end the American intervention in Lebanese internal affairs… an intervention that is paralyzing political life and increasing the disagreements between the parties.”

In all religions, being a false witness carries a hefty threat of afterlife penalty. In Islam too- It’s either Jordan’s Islamists don’t know what’s going in Lebanon but still are taking a position (a damning offense), or they know but are blinded by ideology (another damning offense).
The events taking place in Lebanon are plain to see.
Mr. Hariri was assassinated after challenging Syria’s hegemony over Lebanon. A string of assassinations of Lebanese independent leaders and thinkers, who also challenged Syria’s hegemony, followed. The leaders and thinkers assassinated after Mr. Hariri are accused of being pro Israel. But these liars also claim that it is Israel that is assassinating them! Interesting logic that appeals only to the true believers that Eric Hoffer wrote about.

Jordan’s Islamic Front should ask themselves the following questions:
-Who shut down the Lebanese parliament?
-Which country (hint: it makes Persian carpets) did the Speaker of the Parliament visit and this visit changed his evaluation of the Saniora government from a “resistance cabinet” to an “illegitimate government”?
-Are there pro- US or pro- Iranian-Syrian axis surrounding the cabinet’s compound[with a real threat of sectarian massacres if the compound was breached], and thus paralyzing the heart of downtown Beirut ?
-Which country is sending weapons and fighters across the border in breach of all international norms and rules?
-Which country does the Mufti of Lebanon, Rashid Kabbani, single out as challenging Lebanon's sovereignty?
- Which leader, President George Bush or Ayatolllah Khameini, did Mufti Kabbani criticise for volunteering Lebanon to be the grounds for defeating his adversary?
-Which country advocates civil and human rights for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon- is it the US, Iran or Syria?


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