Israel Aids and Abets the Extremists

Israel declared that it plans to build hundreds of homes in the occupied lands of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The moderate Abbas government called this action a blow to peace.
It’s more than that.
It’s a giant boost to the radicals and extremists and another Israeli blow to the moderates.
The world wants the moderates in charge in the Arab world. Israel wants extremists in charge. While its words indicate otherwise, Israel’s actions allow only this reasonable reading.
The building of more Jewish-only housing on Palestinian occupied land is part of the Israeli scheme to empower the radicals. It is a fitting next step to the barbaric attack on the civilians in Gaza- meant to inflame and harden Arab and Muslim opinion by promising the Palestinians, of all things, a Holocaust.
Both steps are meant to boost the extremists and weaken the moderates.
Only one conclusion from these two steps- Israel does not want peace.
Israel wants the extremists to win so that there is no pressure to give back occupied land and it has a voracious appetite for occupied land.
Also, with extremists in charge the world opinion, especially in the West, would have a higher tolerance for Israel’s excessive use of violence and collective punishment of the Palestinians.


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