Enemies of Freedom Unite!- Arab communists and their Radical Islamist bedfellows

It has been a mystery to me- why do many Arab Communists attack Arab liberals.
Why do they support Islamists of all stripes: radical, half- radical, extremist, terrorist, of any and all flavors and incarnations.
Come one, come all- rain or shine. Support is what you get.
You see Arab communists, for example, attacking the legacy of PM Rafic Hariri. You wonder-The late PM Rafic Hariri and his thinking would let them speak their minds. The radical Islamists they support would pull what the late Ayatollah Khomeini pulled on their friends in the Iranian communist party. The radicals would blow them up or shoot them up. The liberals would let them speak as they do. How active is the Iranian communist party these days?
The communists are not afraid of the liberals harming them. They know that no one with a machine gun would be hiding to kill them for attacking a liberal. It is always safe to attack liberals- but we all know what happens to those who attack the others.
So attack they do- enjoying the safety of their attack.
I solved this apparent riddle, the love of Islamists of all stripes, the hate of liberals of all stripes, when I looked into what the Islamists and the leftists have in common- both don’t believe in free people and free markets. Both believe in a dominant state that imposes choices on its subjects in then name of a rigid and utopian ideology.
Oddly, they think that what failed in the Ukraine and Bulgaria would work in Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian occupied territories.
They believe that the Islamists would take over the state, fail miserably and then the people would, magically, discover that Marx after all, not God, has all the answers- economic, social, political, etc.
Had there not been an Iran, one would have excused them. But even with the Iranian theocratic state, they seem unable to learn.
This is because they are fundamentalists just like the Islamic fundamentalists. Economics, history and experience don’t mean a thing.
Ideology does.


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