President Assad: Let the Political Prisoners Go

Syria is an Arab country that is hosting the Arab Summit.
Syria is also an Arab country that has thousands of Arab political prisoners: Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, and others.
The Lebanese have been the most vocal on the issue of their political prisoners. Prime Minister Saniora pointedly and honorably raised the issue in his Summit address. But there are others.
For endless painful years they linger in the prisons of the dizzying alphabet soup of Syrian intelligence services. At the same time, Syria alleges to be holding the banner of Arabism of unity, freedom, and socialism!
Freedom, yes, freedom!
The Arab leaders should demand that Syria translate its inflated rhetoric of Arab brotherhood and unity into action. The prisoners, many who have been thrown in prison to be forgotten, should be released to be free or to serve the balance of their sentence in their home countries.
It is time to end the agony of the prisoners' families who don't know if their children are dead or alive even.
The scandal of these prisoners, a crime against decency and humanity, should come to an end. A step of this nature may help mend the relations of Syria with its Arab neighbors.


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