Debbie Schlussel: Lone soldier Pollard is better than Served her country with Honor Prouty

Kudos to the American legal system.

Today in the Free Press, reporter David Ashenfelter writes that the Judge in the case of ex-agent Nada Prouty “blasted [her] depiction as Hizbullah agent” by “one national media outlet.
Judge Avern Cohn stated that she had served her country with distinction in Iraq and imposed a minor fine on her.

On the other hand, Michigan’s resident Islamophobe and spy apologist, missing even an ounce of honesty or patriotism, has the gall of favorably comparing convicted spy Jonathan Pollard to Ms Prouty.

Ms Prouty violated her oath by making unauthorized inquiries in the FBI database. But-evidence was offered from other agents that she "repeatedly placed herself in harm's way and never compromised national security," the Free Press reported.

However, clearly Jonathan Pollard stole over one million classified documents and called himself a lone soldier for Israel in enemy territory [the nation of his birth and generous feeding, the USA].

Pollard is hugely popular in Israel- Israel recognized him as an agent and gave him Israeli citizenship. Israel uses any opportunity to pressure the US into releasing this man- to the great anger of the US intelligence community.

And- according to “conservative commentator” Schlussel, Prouty is worse than Pollard! Good God.

And they say conservatives are strong on defense!

Our federal judges are not elected. They have lifetime tenure because our Constitution sought to insulate them for political and popular whims. Judge Cohn is a courageous and honorable man. He refused to be influenced by the right wingers who have dishonorable motive and spread lies with no shame or moral inhibition.


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