Suggestion: Let Shaykh Tofaili Write in the Arab American News

Irony. What an irony?

Mr. Ali Mansour of the Arab American News defends the bloody sectarian tinged coup in Beirut from Chase Street-Dearborn, Michigan- USA.

And the previous leader of the Hizbullah- from Baalbeck condemns it and shows more sensitivity and tolerance of others!


Below is a translated excerpt from the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar:

"The former leader of Hizbullah, Shaykh Sobhi al Tufaili stated that Hizbullah's directing its gunfire toward other Lebanese has made these weapons lose their sacredness- regardless of the excuses [for this internal use of these weapons]. Hizbullah did not need to escalate the situation. In addition, the military deploment of Hizbullah [fighters] in Beirut opened the gates of hell and no one knows how they will be shut. [One wonder why the Hizbullah would make such a move]unless there are other reasons for what happened, reasons that we do not know [Hizbullah is not stating].

For this position, let's name Shaykh Tofaili an honorary Dearborn Arab American and make him a writer in the Arab American News Arabic section to increase tolerance and reason.

وفي موازاة كل هذه التطورات السياسية والأمنية، برز أمس الحديث الصحافي للأمين العام لحزب الله الأسبق الشيخ صبحي الطفيلي الذي

قال من منزله في عين بورضاي في بعلبك إن : «توجيه سلاح المقاومة إلى صدور بعض اللبنانيين في بيروت أفقده قدسيته، رغم كل المبررات التي تساق»، وأضاف أن حزب الله «ليس بحاجة مطلقاً لأي تصعيد، فضلاً عن الانتشار العسكري في بيروت الذي فتح أبواب الجحيم، ولا نعلم كيف ستغلق، اللهم إلا إذا كانت هناك أسباب أخرى لما حصل ونحن نجهلها».


Marion said…
"[One wonder why the Hizbullah would make such a move]unless there are other reasons for what happened, reasons that we do not know [Hizbullah is not stating]."--Mr. Alkhatib

Could this be the reasons why....

Hezbollah foiled US coup bid?
11 May 2008,

DAMASCUS: Syrian official daily Al-Baath on Sunday said Hezbollah had foiled a US-planned coup to seize control of Lebanon during the gun battles which rocked the country.

"The Americans launched a pre-emptive strike against opposition nationalist forces, starting with the (Hezbollah) resistance, and attempted a Washington-planned coup but were taken aback by the opposition, which restored order in Lebanon," the paper said.
The Lebanese opposition aimed to "remove foreign interference and stop the plots to transform Lebanon... into an Israeli protectorate and new focal point of US links in the region," the paper added.

"The recent events in Lebanon showed that the coup (attempt) carried out by the Americans and their men in Lebanon backfired," Al-Baath added. Lebanese troops patrolled Beirut on Sunday after Hezbollah fighters pulled back from areas they had seized.

Obviously we shouldn't base a decision as to why the opposition took the actions it did on this particular report. Hopefully in time, more will be revealed.

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