Defending America's Spies Kadish and Pollard; attacking American Patriot Ali Jawad: The Strange "Patriotism" of Debbie Schlussel

The Ali Jawad I know is a great asset to America.

He works tirelessly to be a force for integration of Arab Americans – economically, educationally and socially.

Think scholarships. Think Ali Jawad.
Community events. Ali Jawad’s name comes up.

A man of a humble background, a self- made man, who personifies the American dream. He is a living Horatio Alger story.
He opens his offices, at no charge, to community meetings that promote political participation and engagement.

The Fourth of July fireworks in Dearborn last year were sponsored by Ali Jawad and his friend and business partner Ali Berri, a man who enjoys many of the noble qualities of Mr. Jawad.
This is why he caught the attention of our state resident Islamophobe, Debbie Schlussel.
Debbie Schlussel et al want to marginalize Arab and American Muslims. This is why they target community activists especially those who are politically involved and help others get involved.

She questions Mr. Jawad’s patriotism and savagely attacks him because of his Shia faith, his village, Hizbullah, and all the broken record charges she levies against the successful Dearborn community. All in the name of her being a “patriot”

But look how softly she goes, and her patriotism becomes more nuanced- she is worried about a spy who was described as having done immense damage to US national security for his “poor health” and wonders about the “strange case” against another Israel "allegd spy."

All of a sudden Schlussel discovers that indictments raise allegations and do not issue convictions. She artfully uses "alleged" with the accused spy for Israel but with cases of Arabs and Muslims accused of far lesser misdeeds there is no "alleged" there.

Of course she regales her readers with her being “absolutely against spying on America” while writing excitedly about “Zohan: the greatest Mossad agent ever.”

I bet that guy Zohan never spied against his country or went soft on those who spied on it!

Spying against one’s country is the worst offense ever. It’s called bad old treason.

Schlussel writes in "The Strange Case of the Alleged Israeli Spy

"I begin this by saying I am absolutely against spying on America. It's against the law and a betrayal. We are supposed to be loyal American citizens and support our country. We do not spy on it for third parties.
But America, sadly, has a very spotty--and biased--record with regard to whom we prosecute for spying and how tough a sentence we seek in relation to the damage to America's national security.

Jonathan Pollard--a man in very poor health--has been in prison for over two decades for spying for an ally, Israel. Much of the information he gave Israel was info America pledged to give Israel per treaties both countries signed, but which America didn't give. "

Say what? It's America's fault, not Pollard's!

Isn't that Pollard- a man US born raised and fed- the spy who said that he is a lone soldier[for Israel] left behind in enemy territory[the USA]?

It is.

This is the "lone soldier" for Israel that some have the gall to offer aid and comfort, like Schlussel does, or ask for his early release from "enemy territory."

But see how gung ho she gets with the Dearborn Arab community.

The Shia Lebanese community in Michigan is successful and integrated. Schlussel hates that the relatives and fellow villagers of those who defeated the Israelis in Southern Lebanon are thriving only minutes from her hood in Southfield.

Writing about Mr. Jawad, note how in the excerpt below she makes sure to mention the officials that are around Mr. Jawad. This is what feeds her hate- that there is successful engagement and that their voice is heard.

Debbie Schlussel writes:

“Who is Ali Jawad?: McCain Campaign Dumps Key Hezbollah Agent, Convicted Insurance Defrauder; Feds, MI GOP Should Follow S
Over the past week, I spent far less time writing for this website than planned. Instead, I spent hours on the phone with John McCain staffers and key supporters in Michigan to right a mistake.
And, unlike the Barack Obama who clings to anti-Semites and terrorism supporters, John McCain did the right thing: He dumped Ali Jawad--an open Hezbollah supporter and key agent of the terrorist group in the Detroit area. Jawad is also a federal insurance fraud convict.
On Friday, I received this written confirmation that Jawad was cut:
From: Danny Diaz - Communications
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 6:14 PM
Subject: RNC Response
Ali Jawad is no longer participating in efforts - whether fundraising or otherwise - on behalf of McCain Victory 2008.
-Danny Diaz, RNC Spokesperson
Danny Diaz
Republican National Committee (RNC)
(Emphasis added.)
Ali Jawad (Standing), Treasury Dept. Terrorism Official Michael Rosen (to Jawad's Right), Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena (Smiling, to Rosen's Right)
"Former" Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad, Ali Jawad, Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for ICE Julie L. Myers, Abed "Aboudi" Bazzi (Brother of Hezbo-Allied Member of Lebanese Parliament Ali Bazzi).
But, despite all this, Ali Jawad remains "untouchable," say concerned citizens.
That might have something to do with the tight relationship both Jawad and his friend, the "former" Islamic terrorist Hamad, have with key feds. The photo above shows Ali Jawad at a recent banquet held by Hamad and a Nabih Ayad, a lawyer for Islamic terrorists. Jawad is shown sitting at the head table next to Michael Rosen, a lawyer and policy advisor with the U.S. Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes of the U.S. Treasury Department. To Rosen's right, the man who is laughing is Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena. Previous to his Michigan assignment, Arena was in charge of Counterterrorism for the New York FBI and told the Christian Science Monitor that, in that capacity, his job was to set the public--and agents--straight, after a poll showed 50% of Americans had a negative view of Islam.”

I think that Mr. McCain is the best and most qualified candidate for President. Mr. McCain is an independent man who sticks to principles despite what the polls say. If what Schlussel wrote is true, and as a rule her veracity is questionable at best, the removal of Mr. Jawad's name is troubling and disappointing.

Ms Schlussel is believed by many to be simply a pro- Israel anti- Muslim anti- Arab bigot. Mr. McCain is the virtual Republican nominee and he does not have any Republican opponent who is trying to compete with him in appealing to the intolerant and bigoted lunatic fringe of the Republican Party.

As for Debbie Schlussel- she deserves a new title- in addition to being a bigot and Israel crazed- she is a self- appointed spy apologist- apologist for American spies for Israel.


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