Lebanese Future TV anchor appeal

Sahar Alkhatib from Future TV, a tv station destroyed by Hizbullah and supporters, speaks of the experience of the attack.



Marion said…
Let's make this clear it was members from the Lebanese Syrian Socialist Party that attacked and burnt the Mustaqbal TV channel and not Hezbollah members.

While I am an ideological supporter of the opposition party in Lebanon, I don't agree with every action the different group's members have taken, nor do I support their every action.

Even though I do believe that the Mustaqbal TV channel played a large part in trying to make the present differences and conflict into a Sunni/Shia one rather than what it is a political one, I condemn the attack on the TV station just as I condemn all of the previous attacks by Hariri militias against Lebanese Syrian Socialist party offices which are made up of Lebanese people from all of the different religious divides.

I have to wonder how objectively Mr. Alkhatib has watched Future TV in that he never noticed how it was trying to divide the people of Lebanon by using Sunni and Shia propaganda rhetoric. And doesn't Mr. Alkhatib realize that Saudi Arabia, as well as the U.S. Neocons and the Bush administraion heavily influence what Saad Hariri, Jumblatt and others say and do in Lebanon? Yet, they allegedly represent the wishes of the Lebanese people?

Maybe Mr. Alkhatib should study the recent Arab Poll taken by the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and development at the University of Maryland (with Zogby International) to see what is Lebanese and Arab public opinion on the different issues.


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