Secretary Rice and the Israeli stranglehold over Palestine

Israeli roadblocks- in addition to the brutal occupation that involves massive theft of land and other resources- are a major source of Palestinian aggravation in the West Bank and Gaza.
The US has been trying to persuade the Israelis to remove them.
Israel yells “security,” the excuse for all the violations of human rights as well as basic decency in dealing with the colonized Palestinians.
If the Israelis could, they would put a roadblock inside each Palestinians’ home in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel hopes to make life so miserable to push the “undesirables” away from the land.
Dream on.
News flash for the Israelis and their crazed American supporters- the Palestinians are not going anywhere.
An item in the Wall Street Journal reads that Secretary Rice “leaned on Israel to lift restrictions such as roadblocks that anger West Bank residents and stifle the economy.”
Leaning won’t do it.
Only serious pressure would make the supremacist colonizers change their ways.
No peace while economic life is strangled.
The Palestinians are waiting for the US to deliver.
This is not new- the talk of removing roadblocks.
The weird inability of the US to adequately pressure Israel on the roadblock issue is undermining what’s left of US credibility in the region.


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