Iran and the Shia Iraqi Militias

President Bush is right on Iran.

Iran should stay away from Iraq and stop aiding and abetting, plus arming to the teeth, the sectarian Shia militias of thieves, thugs and killers.

President Khatami in a way echoed President Bush’s statements. Khatami’s remarks about Iranian meddling in the affairs of others created a firestorm inside Iran- some questioning his Iranian patriotism.

If Khatami and President Bush are raising the same issues about Iran- it’s time the regime should start rethinking its foreign policy.

Today in the Wall Street Journal World News an item on Iraq reads:

“Iran called off further Iraq security talks with Washington until US forces stop their crackdown on Shiite militias.”

The item also reads:

“Washington has long accused Iran of arming and training some Shiite militia factions. The accusations were sharpened Monday as the military said detainees described being trained at bases outside Tehran by militants from Hezbollah, an Iranian-aided faction based in Lebanon.”

The Shia militias and the Alqaeda Sunni bloodthirsty terrorists are two sides of the same coin- both a threat to Iraq and its people.

Iraq the state cannot function again unless the Shia as well as the Sunni extremists are soundly defeated- whether Iran likes it or not.


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