Lebanese Al-Akhbar Reports from the Field: The Future Movement Has no Weapons

"Militia al Mustaqbal"-

A blatant lie that was spread in a manner that would make Paul Joseph Goebbels the German propaganda minister blush.

The opposition newspaper, not a friend of the Future Movement and its leader, reports from the Future- supporting- area of Tarik al Jadidah how the youth there are angry that MP Shaykh Saad did not provide them with weapons.

This is further testimony that refutes the grand lie of a Future Movement militia.

The citizens of Beirut were defenseless to the military attack of Hizbullah and its lesser allies.

The excerpt from the Al Akhbar, translated, reads:

"The youth of Tarik Jadidah are disappointed that their leader left them [defenseless] at such a historical juncture. They waited for him to provide them with weapons to defend their pride. He did not do so."

Of course he did not. The Movement is not a militia. The army and the police were supposed to defend the civilians.


يعتب شباب الطريق الجديدة على زعيمهم الذي تخلّى عنهم في ظرف مصيري. انتظروا منه أن يزوّدهم بالسلاح دفاعاً عن كرامتهم، إلاّ أنه لم يفعل ذلك، "ا».


Marion said…
Now according to the following report in the LA Times the Future movement was armed, even though admittedly not very well:

Lebanon's Sunni bloc built militia, officials say
The Future movement used a security firm to assemble a private force, officials say. But the fighters were no match for the Shiite group Hezbollah.


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