Alimony for Men: the Blessings of Gender Equality

"Men Receiving Alimony Want a Little Respect- Modern Males say Living off the Ex-Wife is no cause for Shame"- Wall Street Journal 4/1/08 by Anita Raghavan.

It is rare that a WSJ article makes me laugh. This one did.

Alimony for men. Great.
Only fair.

Marriage is a partnership and if a partner wants out- that’s their right- but economic fairness is gender blind.

One woman who has to pay alimony, $9,000 a month, Rhonda Friedman, a supervising producer of the Bold and the Beautiful, is extremely unhappy with having to pay alimony to her ex husband whom the Journal described as "stays in phenomenal shape and looks much younger than his 50 years."

With $9,000 a month he has a lot of time to work out.

Ms Friedman voiced what men have for many years been screaming in anger in objecting to alimony.

She is quoted saying:

“I feel financially raped”
“I don’t understand why someone becomes your financial responsibility just because you married them.”

The article reads “so distasteful are the monthly payments she makes to him that after filling out the check she used to spit on it. Especially galling, she says, is that she was required to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees he racked up while securing a lucrative divorce agreement”… Ms Friedman hotly denies that he [her ex- husband] had anything to do with her success.”

When the shoe is on the other foot…..


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