Pope Benedict and the War on Terror

According to the Wall Street Journal, at the UN Pope Benedict “told diplomats that a lack of respect and economic fairness for all nations will provoke violence.”
Another headline in the paper on the Pope visit reads: “Benedict, in New York, warns on poverty”
This is what the Pope does best- speak out against poverty and violations of human dignity. He can be a powerful voice for the underprivileged- just like John Paul II was.
The comments and actions of Pope Benedicts about Islam have been very harmful to the cause of fighting extremism. His infamous quote on Islam and the high profile baptism of a Muslim Italian only emboldens the extremists who are preaching that there is a Crusade against Islam. The Pope’s actions and words have been very helpful to the extremists.
The Dalai Lama, another religious figure of international stature, on a visit to Ann Arbor said that people should seek contentment and peace.
These are messages that need to be said and heard- over and over.
The Pope can do the world a big favor if he stays away from playing into the hands of the extremists and continue on the well-trodden path of John Paul II that made the Pope the conscience of the world.


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