Schlussel Lies about Siblani

The Internet is the Wild West of the news business.
There is no regulation and info. is thrown in- there is the good, the bad and the ugly.
The ugly is those who spread lies. The lies get carried by other sites and the lie, unchallenged, becomes "the truth."

Right- wing extremists, and their subgroup of Muslim radicals, have used the internet to spread lies, hate and to recruit to their hateful messages.

One of these right wingers is a Detroit local, Debbie Schlussel, who is obsessed with American Arabs and Muslims. She, like the late terrorist Meir Kahane, is concerned about their presence and their influence. Kahane saw this presence as a threat to the pro Israel monopoly on the national dialogue on Israel. They want it a monologue of pro –Israel "Amen corner" monopoly as Pat Buchanan put it. To keep the monologue going on, they make sure to vilify and demonize activist Arabs and Muslims. 911 boosted their efforts tremendously.

Below is an excerpt from Schlussel. The subject is Osama Siblani, a well-known Arab American activist whose involvement in Arab and Muslim issues have earned him the hate of Debbie Schlussel. She hates him enough to spead lies about him.

Schlussel writes:

“My favorite part of this story is that extremist Osama Siblani--Shi'ite Muslim publisher of the Arab American News, open supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS (he praised them at Hezbollah rallies and elsewhere), and identified as an agent of Hezbollah by Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Seyassah--is all over Detroit TV, saying that he's calling for Kilpatrick's resignation.
Osama Siblani:
Hezbollah's American Agent Hung w/ Kwame "The Kingpin" Kilpatrick
Siblani and the Muslims in town were in bed with Kilpatrick for the last five years, taking him to Dubai on a lavish trip, getting him to make Dubai a sister city of Detroit, and getting him to agree to nix profiling of Muslim illegal aliens by Detroit Police, making Detroit a sanctuary city for them.
Siblani's crocodile tears over Kilpatrick now are pure, oozing snake oil.”

I am a native speaker of Arabic- I read the Kuwaiti Alseyassah article more than one time- the linked article neither mentions Siblani’s name nor says anything remotely about him, directly or indirectly. The newspaper did not identify anyone as an agent of Hizbullah.

Attorneys are sworn to uphold the truth.

Schlussel spreads lies out of hate of Arabs and Muslims.


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