The PLOing of the Hizbullah

Hizbullah is on the path of the PLO.
The PLO clashed with the Jordanian government and the Lebanese government for exactly the same things that Hizbullah is irresponsibly doing now.
Hizbullah is claiming the right to make decisions of war, usurping the state’s monopoly on violence, and standing in the way of enforcement of law and order.
They are the same transgressions on the State that the PLO stood accused of in Jordan and in Lebanon. In both countries it ended real ugly.
Syria under Hafiz Assad made sure not to fall in the same situation by putting onerous restrictions on the different Palestinian factions it hosted/captured. It is undreamt of that any group would even dare do in Syria what the PLO did in Jordan and Lebanon and what the Hizbullah is doing now in Lebanon.
The Hizbullah took Lebanon to war and imposed a massive armed conflict on the government and its people.
Hizbullah is stopping the government from enforcing laws, such as building codes, in its islands of lawlessness. The Hizbullah is allegedly detaining and interrogating government security personnel while they are enforcing the law!
Hizbullah has intelligence and armed services that exist independently from the Lebanese state. In many ways they are stronger than the government itself.
This cannot continue.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.


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