An Iranian in Umayyid Damascus Insults the Arabs

---And does not get kicked all the way to Tehran.

Mr. Rajih Al Khouri, in the Lebanese Daily An Nahar of April 5, 2008, wrote about the Iranian awful arrogant attitude concerning the UAE islands occupied by Iran. An attitude expressed at the Damascus “Arab Summit” by the Mullah regime foreign minister.

The three UAE islands occupied by Iran have always been a permanent item on the agenda of Arab summit meetings. The Arab countries always advocated a peaceful end to this occupation. The Arabs proposed resorting to internationally accepted channels to resolve the matter.
Iran, under the Shah and under the Mullahs, has flatly refused any sort of process to deal with the issue of the islands.

These islands were occupied in 1971 by the modestly titled Shah, whose name in Persian translates into English as King of Kings, not just the lowly title of “King”.

It’s remarkable that Iran, a non- Arab country that fought Iraq for eight years in a bloody war with Israeli armaments, was invited to the Damascus “Summit.” It’s a testament to the miserable status of Syria, the capital of the Umayyids, and the bankruptcy of the Damascus regime, that the Persian Muttaki could stand on both his legs and insult the Arabs.
Despite the diplomatic language used by the Arab leaders, the Persian minister flatly told the media that these islands are Iranian and “the Arabs need to focus on liberating Palestine.”

Mr. Rajih al Khouri goes out of his way to be nice to the Iranians by speaking of their being the Arabs' neighbors, how they are not like Israel and compares their occupation to Israel's occupation of Arab lands. I disagree.

Iran continues to be a terrible neighbor to the Arabs. It continues to incite sectarian tensions in the hope of leveraging chaos for its benefit. Its support of the sectarian militias and death squads in Iraq have led to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and the destruction of hundred of mosques. The thugs allied with Iran, out of their hatred for Arabs and for Sunnis, engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian refugees of Iraq- some of these refugees found refuge in Brazil!
In Gaza, the Mullah regime incited and funded the Hamas thugs to overthrow the legitimate authorities and try to impose a Taliban- style governance on the Palestinians.
Iran continues to oppress the ethnic Arab minority in Arabistan, as well as the other minorities, such as the Iranian Kurds.
The Iranian Mullah regime should not be invited to Arab meetings. The only meeting they should be invited to is an Arab-Iranian peace process that deals with all the outstanding issues.


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