Mr. Shamoun Comes to Washington (and Michigan)

Mr. Dori Shamoun, the leader of the Christian political group Hizb alAhrar, the National Liberal Party, is on a visit to the US. Before him was the visit of another Lebanese Christian leader, Dr. Samir Geagea.
Both of them are members of the 14th March Movement, a Lebanese movement that is standing in the face of the Syro-Iranian killing machine and its hegemonic designs.
Both Dr. Samir Geagea and Mr. Dori Shamoun are true voices of the Lebanese Christian community that the US should receive well and listen to as the true speakers in the names of the Christians of Lebanon. They have been consistent in their embrace of a national pro-Western outlook, Lebanese national unity, dialogue, and refusal to be drawn into a civil war or other wars in service of other countries.
They are very different from the post- Lebanon- return- from- exile Aoun, the new but unimproved MP Michel Aoun. The old Michel Aoun is a man who visited the US numerous times before his Syrian engineered and approved return to Lebanon from years of exile. Mr. Aoun used to say many harsh things about the Syrians and the Iranians- and the Hizbullah. There is an Arab saying that captures the intensity of what old Aoun used to say of the Syro-Iranian axis- what he said about them is worse than what Imam Malik said about alcohol.
The unimproved new Aoun is an MP of advanced age who in his feverish pursuit of the Lebanese Presidency has become a member of the Syro-Iranian axis via a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hizbullah- thus wiping out his past of being pro-West and anti "totalitarianism."
Mr. Geagea and Mr. Shamoun are no old or new Michel Aouns.
They are more stable and dependable- partly because of being free from the curse of wanting to be a President at all costs.
The US should receive Mr. Shamoun as well as it received Dr. Geagea.
The coming elections in Lebanon will prove that they, not new MP Aoun, are the true voices of the Lebanese Christians.


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